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A unique four place aircraft . . . . The Sportsman 2+2 is a great family cruiser with its roominess, extra baggage area and increased fuel capacity. It maintains the docile maneuverability and short field capabilities of our Sport Trainer. The versatility of this airplane makes it ideal as a trainer because of its wide stance and optional turtle deck entry. It utilizes large tires for off-airport operation and has an instrument panel layout to accommodate full IFR equipment. There is no question that the Spotsman 2+2 is an excellant choice for the sport recreational pilot.

Building this aircraft is a pleasure with the most comprehensive set of drawings furnished to date. Convenient Builder material kits are available and make the building process easy. Many kits include pre-formed and finished parts to speed construction. The Sportsman 2+2 will accept standard wings from a Piper PA-12, 14, or 18. You can also use our convenient kit and construct your own wings.


Engine from 125 hp to 200 hp
Top Speed 129 M.P.H.
Cruising Speed 124 M.P.H.
Stalling Speed 38 M.P.H.
Rate of climb 800 F.P.M.
Cruising Range 670 miles
Gross Weight 2200 lbs.
Empty Weight 1080 lbs.
Useful Load 1120 lbs.
Wing Span 35 ft. 9 in.
Wing Area 174.12 sq. ft.
Wing Chord 5 ft. 3 in.
Length overall 23 ft. 4.4 in.

Height overall 6 ft. 7.5 in.
Fuel Capacity 39 gals


Fly Your Dream . . . . .

Sportsman 2+2

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