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AN6H Drilled Head Bolts


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SKU Description Length Grip Price Buy
L-699-459 AN6H-15A Bolt 1-23/32" 1-1/16"
L-699-460 AN6H-20A Bolt 2-3/32" 1-7/16"
I-325-000 AN6H-37A Wood-Prop Bolt, Drilled Head 3-31/32" 3-11/32"
I-327-000 AN6H-43 Wood-Prop Bolt, Drilled Head 4-15/32" 3-13/16"
L-699-461 AN6H-63 Prop Bolt 6-1/2" 5-13/16"
L-699-462 AN6H-66A 6-13/16" 6-5/32"

Quick overview

A or no A? AN bolts were originally designed to be used with a castle nut and cotter pin, so the base part number indicates a drilled shank. The addition of an "A" at the end (for example, AN6H-20A) indicates an undrilled shank for use with a self-locking nut.

AN6H bolts have a drilled head for safety wire and 3/8-24 UNF threads. All AN6H bolts have a 0.641 inch thread length regardless of grip length. This thread length is designed to accommodate a full-height nut and one AN960-616 flat washer.
Grip Length refers to the length of the unthreaded portion of the shank. Grip lengths are available in 1/8" increments to match the thickness of the materials being bolted together (the threaded portion should never be positioned inside the hole). If your assembly is between sizes, select the next longer bolt and use additional AN960-616 and AN960-616L washers to take up the slack.
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