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Fuel Strainers

Replace your fuel system parts with high quality manufactured parts. Now offering fuel bowls, top assemblies, fuel bowl washers, fuel bowl nuts, standpipes, plungers, stainless steel washers for your plunger, and fuel strainer kits. Buy any of these components separately or as convenient kits.
Code 4
  1. G-762-000
    Cessna Fuel Screen Standpipe Only, FAA/PMA'd
  2. G-762-001
    FAA/PMA'd Fuel Strainer Plunger, MC0756010-1
  3. G-762-002
    FAA/PMA'd Washer for Fuel Strainer Assembly, MCS145027A7-032
  4. G-762-003
    FAA/PMA'd Cessna Spring, 0756012-1
  5. G-762-100
    Fuel Strainer Gasket Kit, MC0756009-8
  6. G-762-101
    Fuel Strainer Fuel Bowl Kit
  7. G-762-102
    FAA/PMA'd, Rebuild Kit