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Engine Mount Exchange Program

Aero Fabricators has developed an Engine Mount Exchange Program. We now have over 100 engine mount cores in stock and have yellow-tagged a number of commonly used mounts. This inventory changes regularly due to sales of yellow-tagged units. Please phone our office to see what mounts are currently available. If we don't have a yellow-tagged unit in stock, we will repair one of our cores. Aircraft model and part number, listed below should only be used as a guide. Please check your own airplane model serial number in your parts catalog for the correct numbers. FAA Approved Repair Station #A14R244N

“Acceptable Core” Engine Mount Exchange Program Pricing is predicated upon Aero Fabricators receipt of an acceptable core in exchange for the Yellow Tag unit being purchased. An acceptable core has the following characteristics:

• The core is the same OEM serial number as the Exchange Unit purchased.
• There is minimal damage to the mount and that repairs to the mount are limited to a certain number of tubes, the number of which is model specific.
• The core is returned within two weeks of the invoice date of the exchange unit purchased.


Engine Mount Cores that are returned to Aero Fabricators, Inc. and do not meet the requirements of an Acceptable Core MAY, at the option of Aero Fabricators, be given core credit, but will receive credit at a reduced value. In general, a serviceable core is one that is currently in service, and is being removed from the aircraft at the same time our exchange unit is being placed in service.


When exchanging a core in the Engine Mount Exchange Program, be sure that your core meets the “Acceptable Core” criteria. If it does not, please ask Aero Fabricators for an estimate of core value by either sending the core to Aero Fabricators, in advance, or, by sending pictures of the core. If an additional core charge applies, the core credit will be reduced by that amount when the core credit is refunded to the customer. 

Oversize shipping charges apply on most engine mounts. Prices and supplies subject to change without notice.


Questions? Call 1-800-558-6868 or click here to send us an email.