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Gap Covers

NOTE ON MODEL ELIGIBILITY: Wag-Aero has made every effort possible to detail installation eligibility for Aeronca parts based upon the best information we have available. If you are uncertain as to whether a specific OEM part number may be installed on your aircraft, you must consult either your aircraft owner or service manuals, or check with your mechanic. Wag-Aero does not warrant that models listed in the catalog are accurate in all instances. Please call us if you have questions about specific part numbers and model eligibility and we can research your question prior to your order.

  1. 110129R
    Aeronca Right Gap Support Cover, 8KCAB
  2. 110129L
    Aeronca Left Gap Support Cover, 8KCAB
  3. 110146
    Aeronca Wing Gap Cover Attachment Angle, 8KCAB
  4. 3590R
    Cover Wing Gap Top - Rear - Right
  5. 3591L
    Cover Wing Gap Top - Rear - Left
  6. 3590L
    Cover Wing Gap Top - Center - Left
  7. 3591R
    Cover Wing Gap Top - Rear - Right