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Dan Johnson   Dan Johnson
Piper J-3 Cub
Spring 2017 Cover
88Charlies   88CHARLIES
1946 Taylorcraft
(88CHARLIES Taylorcraft project)
Fall 2016 Cover
88Charlies   88CHARLIES
1946 Taylorcraft
(88CHARLIES Taylorcraft project)
Fall 2016 Cover
Dennis Blunt   Dennis Blunt
1946 Aeronca L-16A
(Military Version of the Champ)
Spring 2016 Cover
Chuck Tippett   Chuck Tippett
Traditional Aeronca L-16A
Spring 2016 Cover
Joe Preston   Joe Preston
Aeronca 1946 Champ 7A
Spring 2016 Cover
Wayne Rivers   Wayne Rivers
Wag-Aero Sport Trainer
Paulden, Arizona
Fall 2015 Cover
Wayne Rivers   Wayne Rivers
1941 Taylorcraft
Sanborn, New York
Fall 2015 Cover
Carl Weaver   Carl Weaver
1946 Aeronca 7AC Champ restoration
Halstead, Kansas
Spring 2014 Cover
Phillippe Renaudet   Phillippe Renaudet
1942 Authentic L4-H
Fall 2014 Cover
Capt. John Hub   Capt. John Hub
1946 Luscombe
Fall 2014 Cover
Dave Edwards   Dave Edwards
Fall 2014 Cover
Ray Cook   Ray Cook
1959 Piper PA-18
Fall 2014 Cover
Michael Finney   Michael Finney
Acro Sport Trainer

Mike Rosman
88Charlies Inc.

The 88CHARLIES Restore A Plane foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting aviation by giving students the opportunity to restore real airplanes. Aircraft restoration construction projects provide an exciting opportunity to motivate students to learn virtually any facet of science, technology, engineering and mathematics when applied to this program.

Visit the 88Charlies Website




Charlie Patterson
Cover for July 2013 Catalog

Johnny Farrari

My WagAero Sport Trainer, just received the certification from ANAC, our brazilian FAA. And believe me, there's no equal in the world. For sure!


James Sweet    

Jim Sweet

With his 1946 AERONCA

Relaxing after fly-in shopping at Wag-Aero

Thank you for your visit with us

Timothy Olson    

I built my RV-10 here in your home state of Wisconsin, and recently bought a Tow Buddy from Wag Aero to help haul it around. I've been flying it since 2006, and have almost 1,000 hours on it so far. It flies behind an IO-540 of 260HP. Prior to this I had a Beech Sundowner, and my first experience with Wag Aero was with that aircraft, and buying replacement and maintenance parts.

Tim is currently building an RV-14 kit. He has a website with pictures, project logs, resources and much more.

Thank you Tim

Klages Plane    

Dave Klages

Wag-Aero Sport Trainer, Owned by Dave Klages
1946 Piper J-3 Cub, Owned by Bob Andrews
Flown by John Selk

Photo by Frank Mormillo


Thomas R Schrader

Wag-Aero Super Sport Trainer
Owned by Thomas Schrader, built in 2008.

Photo by Thomas Schrader


Louis J Malinchak

Cub Special, built in 1994 in St. Mary's Ohio, it is one of four airplanes built by Walter Vogel. Recently with the assistance of Thomas Malinchak of Greenfield Township, Pennsylvania as well as the much appreciated and friendly technical tutelage of Wag Aero Incorporated, we were able to give the Cub a sprucing up. The aircraft is currently based at a private strip in Bristow, OK.


Keith Walker

Pictured with his 1946 Taylorcraft, Keith is out of Charleston, Illinois. His airplane is sporting our Taylorcraft fenders.


MF Helicopters, LLC

You may visit them:

on Facebook or at MF Helicopters



Joshua Vilches out of Southbury, Connectict

I work on the project about 5 days a week at a leisurely pace and enjoy it as a hobby. I started the project with the wing ribs back in March of 2009. I plan on installing an O-320 150hp with a fixed pitch propeller. My goal of this project is to build it at minimal financial investment. I believe I am right around $5,000.00 or less in material costs. I have not logged my working time on the project as I didn't want knowing that to discourage me.

You can visit him and watch his progress @joshua.vilches


Jože Lukanc Lukanc out of Slovenia, Europe

I built Sport Trainer aircraft only from the plans. Engine is  a Rotax 912 engine 100HP. It has excellent flying characteristics. I am glad that this plane out of your business.

I want to build another airplane, so I bought another one your kit aircraft. Visit Jože Lukanc's build story at LEAF