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Wag-A-Bond Specifications, Performance DataThe Wag-A-Bond is truly a one of a kind recreational LSA (Light Sport Aircraft). Yes, this aircraft has all the capability for providing snappy maneuvers, fast cross country transportation, plus the unique provision for being easily converted into a camping aircraft. As the Builder, you can choose a classic configuration, which is the true replica of the famous Piper Vagabond, or if you desire a practical, recreational oriented, camping style Traveler aircraft, our drawings provide you this option as well.

The heritage of this airplane design is marked by thousands of hours of proven dependability. You will find carefully detailed presentations in the Wag-A-Bond Builder’s kits. Many parts are preformed and many assemblies are pre-welded for your convenience. Our objective is to place every Builder in the position of being able to easily assemble this high quality airplane . . . one which you can be extremely proud to own!

Outstanding drawings (with Builders’ tips included) are emphasized in an enlarged display. The Builder kits feature pre-drilled spars and precut nose ribs in the wing kit. This same detailing follows through to all of the other kits with items such as the tail group, including elevators, stabilizers, rudder, and vertical fin finish welded. Your landing gear is available completely finished, ready for you to attach to your fuselage structure.