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Sportsman 2+2

Sportsman 2+2 Specifications, Performance DataA Unique Four-Place Aircraft . . . A Reproduction of the Famous PA-14 Family Cruiser
The Sportsman 2+2 is a great family cruiser with its roominess, extra baggage area and increased fuel capacity. The Sportsman 2+2 maintains the docile maneuverability and short field capabilities of our Sport Trainer. The versatility of this airplane makes it ideal as a trainer because of its wide stance landing gear and slow speed characteristics. This aircraft also offers superior float plane performance and is easily accessible with its unique doors and optional turtle deck entry. The Sportsman 2+2 utilizes large tires for off-airport operation and has an instrument panel layout to accommodate full IFR equipment. There is no question that the Sportsman 2+2 is an excellent choice for the sport recreational pilot!
The Recreational Pilot Utmost Adaptability! Two-place or four-place cavernous cargo area extended wings - add’l 12-1/2 sq. ft., cabin activated spoilers, balanced elevators, no door obstruction, 39 gallons usable fuel, accepts engines 125 to 200 hp convenient material kits, a true utility aircraft.